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  • Shadow/GP Tribute!

    Shadow/GP Tribute!

    RIP Shadow of Genesis Project. Nie znałem go osobiście, ale zawsze lubiłem te mini prodki na wiele platform!

  • Moje Atari

    Moje Atari

    Moje dwa komputery spod znaku góry Fuji w mojej kolekcji: Atari 520 (1040) STe Dema śmigają jak dzikie…. Atari 800XL Bez podwójnego Pokey’a ale w końcu mogę jakieś dema obejrzeć 😉

  • Atari 124 Monitor

    Atari 124 Monitor

    This is Atari 124 monitor. Hi-Res.

  • Atari 130XE

    Atari 130XE

    Atari 130 XE + SD2IEC drive by Lotharek + SIDE3 cartridge

  • Atari 1040 STe

    Atari 1040 STe

    This is my Atari 1040 STe with 4MB of RAM. Original Mouse (but it has some issues working). I also have Ultra Satan Drive by Lotharek.

  • Atari 1040 STf

    Atari 1040 STf

    This is one of my Ataris – 1040 STf. It has 4MB of RAM and a 26MHz CPU. A bit yellowing but overall it’s clean. Works fine and I think it’s kind of unique because of the faster CPU.

  • The Cave and the Collection of 2022. Photos

    The Cave and the Collection of 2022. Photos

    This is how my retro cave and collection of retro computers looks like in February of 2022.

  • Atari 8bit POP title screen concept

    Atari 8bit POP title screen concept

    This is a sketch versions of the title screen I designed for Atari 8bit Prince of Persia game. Some time ago I was asked to come up with an idea for the title screen for the PoP game so here it is. I think it won’t be used so I decided to show it here […]

  • The Last Squadron. Atari vs C+4

    The Last Squadron. Atari vs C+4

    The Last Squadron is probably the best shmup for 8-bit Atari computers. That’s what I’ve heard. I was honored to do a title screen for the game. Today I present to you a Commodore plus/4 version of the same pic. Who knows maybe the game will come to C+4 too one day 😉 The C+4 […]