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Stormlord 4 adults. The making of.

Here’s little explanation of how the sprite trick in my latest picture for c64 works.

Blog Commodore 64 Demoscene Pixelart

Stormlord 4 adults

This is a latest picture I created for C64. Idea is based on a gfx from the game Stormlord but I also wanted to try a technique invented by Knut/Fossil for displaying gfx on borders. In short it is 160×284 image with sprites on up/bottom borders. Sprites are displayed every second line – with some […]

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Zorro 2022?

This is a result of discussion happening at Does it make a sense to do a new version of Zorro in 2022? We are going to discuss it…

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Iron Maiden 64/+4 Unfinished… Again!

So after posting the unfinished version I thought I just release the upper part of the 3 screen pic. So here it is. It really is final one. I won’t work on it anymore 🙂 But… right after doing this C64 1 screen image I decided to quickly recolor it a bit and do C+4 […]

Commodore 64 Demoscene Pixelart

Iron Maiden pic. Unfinished…

… and it will remain unfinished – at least for some time. This is an image I started to work on as a response to one made by The Sarge/Fairlight. It took me some time to come up with the overall idea, but I was quite happy with the concept at the end. Unfortunately, after […]

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Commodore SX64

What a cool machine. Unfortunately the keyboard is not working. Tested it with a cartridge and some simple picture demos I made long time ago. Oh and it’s in a box … replica.

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C64 games for sale

I have some original Commodore 64 games for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Boxes and overall conditions look very good. I don’t know if games work though. I want to sell all this bundle on photos.

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The Cave and the Collection of 2022. Photos

This is how my retro cave and collection of retro computers looks like in February of 2022.

Commodore 64 Pixelart

Kracken prince. C64 version?

This is just to show how possibly my latest C+4 picture could look like on C64. I’m not convinced about the coloring though. But, hey C64 has only 16 colors where C+4 has 121 of them 😉Anyway. Enjoy!

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Shaggy Stallions! All of them!

This is a image that rolled-in in BONZAI’s 2021 demo called Bromance. Download the demo on CSDB or watch it on BONZAI’s official YT channel