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  • Commodore 16 + 64kb

    Commodore 16 + 64kb

    This is my C16 with 64 kb of Ram (SarumanTed).

  • Amiga 2000 030/25MHz

    Amiga 2000 030/25MHz

    What a beauty. Gives a lot of fun to play with. Equipped with Kick 3.1, runs WHDLoad perfectly! SCSI Oktagon 2008 controller with some small SCSI disc. There’s also Buddha IDE (not on the photos) in this baby. 030 CPU and FPU give this machine needed power. I have this Amiga 2000 for more than […]

  • Amiga 1000 in a Box

    Amiga 1000 in a Box

    First of the Amigas. Amiga 1000 in a Box. Old lady but fully functional.

  • Commodore SX64

    Commodore SX64

    What a cool machine. Unfortunately the keyboard is not working. Tested it with a cartridge and some simple picture demos I made long time ago. Oh and it’s in a box … replica.

  • Commodore VIC20 with PenUltimate Cartridge

    Commodore VIC20 with PenUltimate Cartridge

    … and it’s boxed. Pen Ultimate Cart has some games on it plus it acts as a RAM expansion for VIC20. The book about Programming is a nice gift addition to this collectors setup of VIC20.

  • Amiga500, Box, Gotek & some goodies

    Amiga500, Box, Gotek & some goodies

    This is A500 for sale. Gotek HxC + Box + Joystick + Some books + standard Amiga equipment.

  • A4000 expansions

    A4000 expansions

    These carts are tken from my Amiga 4000. A3640 040 CPU card and 256 MB BigRAM+. Working perfectly

  • Rare A2000 kbd?

    Rare A2000 kbd?

    Is this keyboard rare? TBH I have few other A2000 and A3000 keyboards but this one like an older version of Amiga 2000 keyboard. Anyway it’s a bit dirty (nothing terrible) but works perfectly. not used currently as I use other one with my A2000.

  • Amiga 500 Boxed

    Amiga 500 Boxed

    One of my Amigas. 500+500 = Standard config :). Original Box but a bit aged…

  • C128D JiffyDOS

    C128D JiffyDOS

    This is Commodore 128D with built-in JiffyDOS. It works only in C128 mode.