• Learn Pixel Art By Converting

    Learn Pixel Art By Converting

    A good pixel artist has to learn and practice all the time. What I do in my free time is to convert some random pictures found on Internet to Commodore 64 and/or Commodore plus/4 formats. Please find here some of converts I’ve made for C65, C+4 and Atari 8bit. Keep in mind that these images […]

  • A4000 + ZZ9000+AX

    A4000 + ZZ9000+AX

    New gear. New setup for my Amiga 4000 with ZZ9000 card + AX audio module. RTG works flowlessly. It looks like its the fastest RTG card I played with and I played with lots of them.

  • Grafika Komputerowa. Film z lat 80-tych

    Grafika Komputerowa. Film z lat 80-tych

    Back in 1993 or 1994 at Elysium-Antia demoparty in Tarnow/Poland someone brought VHS tape with SGI 3D rendered graphics. I think I’ve found it on Youtube. The video is from 80’s, but some animations are really impresive when you think when they were made. Enjoy.

  • Install IRIX on Silicon Graphics Indigo2

    Install IRIX on Silicon Graphics Indigo2

    My new SGI Indigo 2 just arrived so I started with IRIX OS installation from scratch. IRIX 6.5.22 is installed via network with use of Raspberry Pi and Reanimator install image from http://irix.mersisl.com. It’s easey, relatively quick (2 hrs) and what’s most important without any hassle

  • A4000 Keyboard Cleaning

    A4000 Keyboard Cleaning

    I have news Amiga 4000 keyboard. Spanish layout! 🙂 It was so dirty I decided to give it a wash. Keyboard is a bit yellow but super clean now.

  • Souvenire From Spanish Vacations

    Souvenire From Spanish Vacations

    A route to Sevilla/Spain. The town on the right sounds like a cool place to visit 😉

  • Winter by Carrion/Censor Design

    Winter by Carrion/Censor Design

    Przedstawiam kolejną moją grafiką na C64. Tym razem stworzoną na konkurs na party MysData w Szwecji 18-20 Listopada 2022. Jest to niejako kontynuacja poprzedniego pomysły z poprzedniej grafiki zatytułowanej Fall. Stworzone także w trybie graficznym FLI. Pliki: Z pliku readme.txt:

  • Fall by Carrion/Censor Design

    Fall by Carrion/Censor Design

    To jest moja nowa grafika na Commodore 64 przygotowana na party Syntax 2022 odbywające się w Melbern w Australii. Załączam też kolejne kilka faz jak powstawała ta grafika. Grafika jest stworzona w trybie FLI 148×200 pixeli (grubych pixeli). Dlaczego 148? Tryb FLI to standardowe 160×200, ale bez 3 pierwszych kolumn znakowych, czyli bez 3×4 pixeli. […]

  • Zorro Mockup #2

    Zorro Mockup #2

    Czy tak mógłby wyglądać remake Zorro na C+4 i na Atari? Kolory tła to raster bary, a w trybie 5 kolorowym znakowym na Atari powinno dać się zrobić takie właśnie zmiany kolorów co kilka lini. Paleta mniej więcej uspójniona dla C+4 i Atari8bit.

  • Amiga 1200 Boxed + Blizzard 1230

    Amiga 1200 Boxed + Blizzard 1230

    IMO this is a collectors item. Full set of Amiga Magic from Escom

  • Commodore 1581 3,5” disc drive

    Commodore 1581 3,5” disc drive

    This is my 1581. It works so well with both C128 and C64. Looks like GEOS and CP/M are dedicated to work with this kind of drive. A bit yellow (nothing terrible IMO) but works super fine… and it’s looking for a new owner.

  • is Power Mac G5 retro yet?

    is Power Mac G5 retro yet?

    This is my Power Mac G5 (dual G5) to run old school Mac OS X (Leopard) and MorphOS – Amiga-ish OS. Quite nice config IMO: Looking for a new owner…

  • Yo! Diab-Lo!

    Yo! Diab-Lo!

    This is my contribution to the C64 graphics competition at Teddy Beer Party in Tuchola Poland July 2022. It’s classic Commodore 64 multicolor format. Enjoy You can download it on CSDB here: https://csdb.dk/release/?id=220164 The version on CSDB has a small color animation to how the picture

  • Planet. Rock. Lobster. Hunter!

    Planet. Rock. Lobster. Hunter!

    This pic supposed to be a Commodore plus/4 pic for Arok 2022 party, but I simply run out of time to finish it properly. So here it is today as a C64 FLI  pic for the Facet’s CSDB Hunter compo. 

  • Monumentum title pic

    Monumentum title pic

    This is title pic I’ve pixeled for the C64 demo Monumentum by Hitmen.

  • C64 parts for sale

    C64 parts for sale

    This is what I have… and I dont know what to do with it… I guess I’m gonna sell this: C64 motherborad PCB Cartridge extender SD2IEC (I guess) to self-assemble

  • Amiga 4000 Cyberstorm 68060 50MHz

    Amiga 4000 Cyberstorm 68060 50MHz

    This is my precious. Amiga 4000 with 68060 CPU on the Cyberstorm Processor Card with 128 MB RAM. IT has a RTG PII++ gfx card (from Matze) and scandoubler. XSurf 1000 Ethernet network card and a CF Card to exchange the data with PC. Runs demos and games on a 17” SVGA Monitor. And the […]

  • Light, Head & Planet

    Light, Head & Planet

    A weekend quickie just to participate in the fun/creazy compo at CSDB.And as always it was a chance to practice some ideas and techniques – mainly the line dithering. Enjoy! Oh… and the face is referenced from some photo found on Internet. … and the guy is not Michael Jordan 😉 The Commodore 64 executable […]

  • Atari 124 Monitor

    Atari 124 Monitor

    This is Atari 124 monitor. Hi-Res.

  • Atari 130XE

    Atari 130XE

    Atari 130 XE + SD2IEC drive by Lotharek + SIDE3 cartridge

  • Atari 1040 STe

    Atari 1040 STe

    This is my Atari 1040 STe with 4MB of RAM. Original Mouse (but it has some issues working). I also have Ultra Satan Drive by Lotharek.

  • Check out my balls

    Check out my balls

    This is my second picture for the Moonshine Dragons party 2022 in Opole/Poland. After finishing my main compo pic – HammerLords I thought I could quickly do another one as a compo filler. So this is a result of 3 days of work. It’s rushed and not perfect but I hope people enjoyed this on […]

  • HammerFist StormLord stories

    HammerFist StormLord stories

  • HammerLords


    This is fourth and last in the series of Stormlord and Hammerfist stories. This is also my “welcome_to_Censor_Design” kind of image.The Hammerfist theme of male and female is something I wanted to do for long time. This image and the occasion seamed like a perfect fit.This is also a picture when I finally have found […]