Kracken prince

Let’s Kracken again… This is my entry to the Arok Party 2021 gfx competition. It started as a C64 picture with all borders opened. Planed for GubbData 2021 party, but we had crunch-time with the stallions so I didn’t make it on time with this pic. C64 versions was planed to use a lot of sprites. It quickly became obvious to me I will miss all the green-ish colors C+4 offers. So I decided to do it for C+4. Anyway here it is.

I was kind of lazy with this one, to be honest. Sketch was made like in few hours by reusing many (3? 4?) of my previous pics. The prince dude that is down on his knees was planned long time ago for Shape’s demo “Shores of the Reflection”. But it was decided he didn’t fit the flying guy part. So I decided I will reuse him here. Some parts of the kracken come from C+4 pic called “One Zak and his Kracken” The sky in the window is taken from one of my pic I did for Rivalry demo. The rest was sketched very quickly in Photoshop and taken after to Timanthes for final coloring and pixeling. The Timanthes part took like 3 days to finish (more or less 14 working hrs overall)

Commodore plus/4 executable .prg file: