Atari 8bit POP title screen concept

This is a sketch versions of the title screen I designed for Atari 8bit Prince of Persia game. Some time ago I was asked to come up with an idea for the title screen for the PoP game so here it is. I think it won’t be used so I decided to show it here and maybe finish it for Commodore +4 one day. Anyone wants to code PoP for C+4? 😉

The grey pic is a version I export from Photoshop where I start all my retro pixel art. The second one is what I did as a concept for coloring. I used Timanthes for this job.

Notice: This is not actually an Atari picture, I mean, it won’t run on Atari. It’s concept but I think it is doable and with no bigger issues can be converted to Atari with G2F tool for example. But again… it has color clashes and is not ready to just simply convert it. It needs some work on G2F coloring. Besides as said on the beginning it’s just a sketch done in Photoshop. Usually when finishing the pic I add more details, refine dithering and work a lot on the level of pixel-perfection.

Anyway here it is.