Learn Pixel Art By Converting

A good pixel artist has to learn and practice all the time. What I do in my free time is to convert some random pictures found on Internet to Commodore 64 and/or Commodore plus/4 formats. Please find here some of converts I’ve made for C65, C+4 and Atari 8bit. Keep in mind that these images are not pixel art. They are converts I made with Photoshop and later retouch or only recolor for retro appeal. The images here are 5-10 minutes quick exercises Please don’t put them on CSDB as my gfx releases. TIA.

Why I do that?

  1. Well first of all it’s fun.
  2. I like to see how particular pic will look like on retro computer color palette
  3. to try some new color ramps / color palettes
  4. to try some new pixeling techniques
  5. to learn how parts of the pics could be done as pixel art style
  6. it’s fun
  7. to improve my techniques
  8. etc

What you see below are:

  1. Axel Folley inspired by some relese at CSDB
  2. Mad MAx car also inspired by CSDB pic seen one day.
  3. Black Mail’s So-Phisticated pic but made for C+4 – my version made entirely in Photoshop. I tried to recreate this image in 5 minutes maximum. So that’s why is so imperfect
  4. Part of Lazurs pic from Amiga. Made long time age as first tries of my Photoshop technique
  5. Nolan Bushnell – planned for some Atari 8bit production but I never finished it
  6. Snake – inspired by some discussion/compo on CSDB