Robot Jet Action Amiga

Finally, over a year after releasing Robot Jet Action on Commodore 64 I’ve decided to develop this game for Commodore Amiga computers.

I’ve released Robot Jet Action on Commodore 64 in January 2022. Today I announce that RJA will be developed for Commodore Amiga range of computers. This post is just to announce the fact that RJA Amiga is going to be released someday and show you the teaser of what’s available and how it looks today.

The important facts for today are:

Robot Jet Action – Amiga (POC) is:

  • Super early development stage
  • Final game title to be decided
  • Release date not decided yet – will take some time for sure
  • 5 years old code resurrected and adapted in 2023
  • Will work on every Amiga in 50 FPS! (512kb+512kb)
  • 100+ colors on screen with copper effects
  • Developed in Blitz Basic 2 + M68k Assembly
  • Temporarily used music by Lizard aka Magnar of Censor Design and Nah-Kolor

Here’s the video teaser

The game will be developed under the label. The C64 version was developed by my second label which is a polish language portal dedicated only to C64 stuff.