Robot Jet Action 2. Update #2

I’m happy to present another update #2 of the Robot Jet Action 2. My game for Amiga computers.

A lot is happening in the area of development in terms of code and gfx, but also tools which I need to build to develop this game.

The biggest announcement is that the music for the game will be composed by Kamil ‘Jammer’ Wolnikowski. Jammer is an author of original soundtrack for RJA on C64. He is super-talented and well known musician on the demoscene and game dev scene. You can hear the actual Amiga music already in the YT video below.

I continue discussion with one another great musician to include his music in the game too, as there’s a lot of music needed in the game. I will come up with the news when ready.

The new things implemented in the game engine are:

  • Level screen scrolling in 4 directions
  • Initial boss level implementation 
  • Initial implementation of the worldmap / level selection screen 
  • A lot of implementation and bug fixes
  • what you see is going to be World #1 and Gfx for World #1 is almost done.
  • Initial implementation of bigger enemies (wider that 16 pixels sprites)

I needed tools to make the development process fast and as effortless as possible. So I started to develop my own set of tools. In next video I will show you what I’ve created and how it works. 

I’m a pixel artist so I needed visual tools for the things i implement in code, so I will show you how I implemented the tools I use now.

I still add new features and ideas I have. So I’d say the gameplay is now around 60-65% feature completed. A lot of work is still ahead of me. 

Development continues. Feedback is welcome.

Now enjoy the video.