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  • SCSI-2-SD and SGI Indy

    SCSI-2-SD and SGI Indy

    It works!

  • SGI Monitor finally fixed

    SGI Monitor finally fixed

    I have this cool 24 inch SGI monitor from 2000-ish that I bought back in 2012/13. It was actually almost never used because the picture quality was bad. Everything looked blue-ish and contrast was very poor. Thanks to my friends at SMOK (Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Oldschollowych Komputerów, or in EN: The Society of Oldschool Computer Lovers)…

  • SGI corner

    SGI corner

    … in my man’s cave. More SGIs coming soon to the cave.

  • Computer Gfx. Video from the 80’s

    Computer Gfx. Video from the 80’s

    Back in 1993 or 1994 at Elysium-Antia demoparty in Tarnow/Poland someone brought VHS tape with SGI 3D rendered graphics. I think I’ve found it on Youtube. The video.. not the person 😉 The video is from 80’s, but some animations are really impresive when you think when they were made. Enjoy.

  • Install IRIX on Silicon Graphics Indigo2

    Install IRIX on Silicon Graphics Indigo2

    My new SGI Indigo 2 just arrived so I started with IRIX OS installation from scratch. IRIX 6.5.22 is installed via network with use of Raspberry Pi and Reanimator install image from http://irix.mersisl.com. It’s easey, relatively quick (2 hrs) and what’s most important without any hassle