Iron Maiden pic. Unfinished…

… and it will remain unfinished – at least for some time.

This is an image I started to work on as a response to one made by The Sarge/Fairlight. It took me some time to come up with the overall idea, but I was quite happy with the concept at the end. Unfortunately, after almost a year of working on it I give up. I have no energy nor will to finish it so I show it to you here on my blog.

The red spots here and there are the color clashes (errors) that Timanthes shows during the pixeling process.

Below you can find few stages that should show my way of getting to the final concept and composition. The “sketch” phase as always was done is Photoshop and coloring and detailing in Timanthes.

On the final image I marked with green pen the area that is fully ready. Everything on right of the green line is done. It is done in C64 multicolor specs. The background color is $09 Brown.