Planet. Rock. Lobster. Hunter!

This pic supposed to be a Commodore plus/4 pic for Arok 2022 party, but I simply run out of time to finish it properly. So here it is today as a C64 FLI  pic for the Facet’s CSDB Hunter compo. 

As you can see it is heavy line dithering experiment. I wanted to explore line dithering more + this time I wanted to play a bit and achieving “new colors”. It quickly became obvious I need FLI for this so here it is. Besides it’s good to do FLI from time to time. Right? 😉

As always Timanthes helps a lot.

The rock is based on some photo I did long long time ago. Lobster’s hands are from Google images and the head is from my own rendering I did when working for an unfinished Amiga game that I develop for too long now. The sandy desert kind of look was intended. The Hunter is ofcoz from Facet and is only slightly touched (the white flame) to keep the original. The lens flare was added at the end as I missed some filling element so the final composition feels complete.

The original C+4 pic was planned much bigger but here I just decided I will do this round shape around it… It is my laziness – I know + its FLI so I needed to do something with the FLI bug area.

I started with the Rock and sandy planet theme then I recalled the amazing Oxyron’s demo for Amiga 500. I added the Lobster’s hands and the final pic became a little tribute to both Oxyron and Amiga 500.