Amiga 1200 Boxed + Blizzard 1230

IMO this is a collectors item. Full set of Amiga Magic from Escom

  • Amiga 1200 by ESCOM
  • Magic Box set – full set
  • Blizzard 1230/40Mhz + FPU + 16MG Fast RAM (with SCSI adapters and extensions)
  • All 3,5” discs with extra software like Scala, Photogenics, Personal Paint, etc
  • All books and booklets
  • Extra Special issue of Amiga Magazine (German) probably added to these boxes
  • Upgraded Kickstart to 3.2
  • Added 2 GB Hard disc full software – ready to use
  • Overall conditions – some dirt and sign of usage, but IMO Very Good!

I used it at least once a week. It works perfectly. I haven’t changed the capacitors. Original white power supply will be included. For some reason I forgot to put it on photos. Sorry.

Whole set is for sale!