An Ultimate Amiga 1200?

Finally, after 27 (28?) years…. I mean after months of building (and waiting for the delivery of the parts) I have my ultimate A1200 ready.

Check this out… What you see below is:

  • Amiga 1200 – fully recapped and future proofed (with new PSU and brand new mouse)
  • 3.2 kickstart
  • 80GB hdd 2’5 inch mechanical disk (~3MB/s acording to SysInfo)
  • Terrible Fire TF1260 060 at 50MHz (60MHz works from time to time, but mostly doesn’t work 😉 )
  • Black Gotek as a replacement of the floppy disk
  • with new grey case
  • black mouse from included
  • and …. wait for it…
  • black keys…. Woo Hooo \o/

Finally I can … hm….

I can watch all the old and new demos. I can also do my own demos. Stay patient for these… 😉