SGI Monitor finally fixed

I have this cool 24 inch SGI monitor from 2000-ish that I bought back in 2012/13. It was actually almost never used because the picture quality was bad. Everything looked blue-ish and contrast was very poor. Thanks to my friends at SMOK (Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Oldschollowych Komputerów, or in EN: The Society of Oldschool Computer Lovers) I can enjoy this high quality monitor again.

I asked SMOK if it’s possible to help me with the monitor somehow. … and they did. I dont know how but they fixed it for me and the contrast and picture is now PERFECT! Thanks Yugorin of SMOK for your help! You guys rule!

I finally able to play with my old Blender files from late 90’s / early 2000’s the proper way as it was meant to be played on SGI machines. The monitor works fine with my main SGI machine – Octane 2 and with Indigo 2. Indy will be connected to other monitor when I upgrade the RAM in it and add new SCSI HDD. Work in progress.
Expect more stuff coming soon.