Ultimate Amiga 1200?

Finally after 27 (28?) years… I mean months of building it and waiting for parts it’s finally ready – my Ultimate Amiga 1200! What you can see below is:

  • Amiga 1200 – fully recapped, brand new PSU and ready to work
  • 3.2 kickstart
  • 80 GB mechanicall HDD 2’5 (~ 3 MB/s according to SysInfo)
  • Terrible Fire TF1260 060/50 MHz (60 MHz mostly doesn’t work )
  • Black Gotek as FDD replacement
  • New Dark-Grey case from A1200.net
  • Black, brand new mouse from amigastore.eu
  • and… wait for it…. Black keycaps – Woo Hooo \o/

So now what?

I can finally watch all the cool demos or start working on my Amiga AGA demo. Soon-ish