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  • An Ultimate Amiga 1200?

    An Ultimate Amiga 1200?

    Finally, after 27 (28?) years…. I mean after months of building (and waiting for the delivery of the parts) I have my ultimate A1200 ready. Check this out… What you see below is: Finally I can … hm…. I can watch all the old and new demos. I can also do my own demos. Stay […]

  • Amiga 4000 Cyberstorm 68060 50MHz

    Amiga 4000 Cyberstorm 68060 50MHz

    This is my precious. Amiga 4000 with 68060 CPU on the Cyberstorm Processor Card with 128 MB RAM. IT has a RTG PII++ gfx card (from Matze) and scandoubler. XSurf 1000 Ethernet network card and a CF Card to exchange the data with PC. Runs demos and games on a 17” SVGA Monitor. And the […]