Month: March 2022

  • Iron Maiden 64/+4 Unfinished… Again!

    Iron Maiden 64/+4 Unfinished… Again!

    So after posting the unfinished version I thought I just release the upper part of the 3 screen pic. So here it is. It really is final one. I won’t work on it anymore 🙂 But… right after doing this C64 1 screen image I decided to quickly recolor it a bit and do C+4 […]

  • Iron Maiden pic. Unfinished…

    Iron Maiden pic. Unfinished…

    … and it will remain unfinished – at least for some time. This is an image I started to work on as a response to one made by The Sarge/Fairlight. It took me some time to come up with the overall idea, but I was quite happy with the concept at the end. Unfortunately, after […]

  • Amiga 1000 in a Box

    Amiga 1000 in a Box

    First of the Amigas. Amiga 1000 in a Box. Old lady but fully functional.

  • Commodore SX64

    Commodore SX64

    What a cool machine. Unfortunately the keyboard is not working. Tested it with a cartridge and some simple picture demos I made long time ago. Oh and it’s in a box … replica.

  • Commodore VIC20 with PenUltimate Cartridge

    Commodore VIC20 with PenUltimate Cartridge

    … and it’s boxed. Pen Ultimate Cart has some games on it plus it acts as a RAM expansion for VIC20. The book about Programming is a nice gift addition to this collectors setup of VIC20.

  • Commodore 16 64kb Saruman TED

    Commodore 16 64kb Saruman TED

    This is my C16 with 64kb of RAM. Working like a charm. It’s kind of collectors set with boxes, cassettes tapes, and datasette. The RAM expansion is a Saruman TED that is put into TED socket.

  • Amiga500, Box, Gotek & some goodies

    Amiga500, Box, Gotek & some goodies

    This is A500 for sale. Gotek HxC + Box + Joystick + Some books + standard Amiga equipment.

  • A4000 expansions

    A4000 expansions

    These carts are tken from my Amiga 4000. A3640 040 CPU card and 256 MB BigRAM+. Working perfectly

  • Rare A2000 kbd?

    Rare A2000 kbd?

    Is this keyboard rare? TBH I have few other A2000 and A3000 keyboards but this one like an older version of Amiga 2000 keyboard. Anyway it’s a bit dirty (nothing terrible) but works perfectly. not used currently as I use other one with my A2000.

  • C64 games for sale

    C64 games for sale

    I have some original Commodore 64 games for sale. Let me know if you are interested. Boxes and overall conditions look very good. I don’t know if games work though. I want to sell all this bundle on photos.