Amiga hardware

Amiga cards for sale

Here, I have some Amiga expansion cards for sale. I’m gonna sell them. The cards are: Terrible Fire (almost new) with 060 LC (no FPU) CPU. Works perfectly. I’m selling as I have abother one with full 060 CPU Blizzards 1230 + SCSI Kit. Works perfectly. used almost every day.This is 030 CPU / 40MHz […]

Commodore +4 hardware

Commodore 16 + 64kb

This is my C16 with 64 kb of Ram (SarumanTed).


My Gear!

My gear!

Commodore +4 Pixelart

Latest C+4 images

These two are my latest C64 images converted and recolored for Commodore +4 MFLI mode. Enjoy!

Commodore 64 Pixelart


This is my latest C64 picture. Another try of using Knut’s border gfx method. This one was a bit more challenging and I’m not super happy of the result, but you have to stop at some point and not try to perfectly finish it like forever… The theme is kind fun word-play of Stormlord and […]

Commodore 64 Demoscene Pixelart

Stormlord 4 adults. The making of.

Here’s little explanation of how the sprite trick in my latest picture for c64 works.