Author: Carrion

  • New A2000 in-da-house

    New A2000 in-da-house

    A new Amiga 2000 just arrived today and it will have a special place in my retro collection. The package came in a nice set including: The Amiga looks clean in-and-out side. Boots nicely to Workbench 3.0. All this was quite good deal IMO and that’s why I decided to get it. Now… what can […]

  • SGI Corner

    SGI Corner

    … in my Man’s Cave. Now, when I see the pictures I can clearly see the pics on the wall are a bit off… Need to fix the positioning 😉

  • Shadow/GP Tribute!

    Shadow/GP Tribute!

    RIP Shadow of Genesis Project. I haven’t know you personally, But I really enjoyed these small prods!

  • My Atari

    My Atari

    These two are my favorites of the “Fuji-sign-computers” in my collection. Atari 520 (1040) STe Demos run like crazy…. Atari 800XL No double Pokey, but at least I can watch JIL demos now 😉

  • An Ultimate Amiga 1200?

    An Ultimate Amiga 1200?

    Finally, after 27 (28?) years…. I mean after months of building (and waiting for the delivery of the parts) I have my ultimate A1200 ready. Check this out… What you see below is: Finally I can … hm…. I can watch all the old and new demos. I can also do my own demos. Stay […]

  • The Island

    The Island

    A 5 minutes wired+retouched work on brining the island from The Secret Of Monkey Island title pic to C64.

  • MysData 2022 Prize

    MysData 2022 Prize

    It’s so super nice to get a package delivered at the morning, when this thing is inside. Thanks Magnar! Thanks Censor Design!

  • Learn Pixel Art By Converting

    Learn Pixel Art By Converting

    A good pixel artist has to learn and practice all the time. What I do in my free time is to convert some random pictures found on Internet to Commodore 64 and/or Commodore plus/4 formats. Please find here some of converts I’ve made for C65, C+4 and Atari 8bit. Keep in mind that these images […]

  • A4000 + ZZ9000+AX

    A4000 + ZZ9000+AX

    New gear. New setup for my Amiga 4000 with ZZ9000 card + AX audio module. RTG works flowlessly. It looks like its the fastest RTG card I played with and I played with lots of them.

  • Computer Gfx. Video from the 80’s

    Computer Gfx. Video from the 80’s

    Back in 1993 or 1994 at Elysium-Antia demoparty in Tarnow/Poland someone brought VHS tape with SGI 3D rendered graphics. I think I’ve found it on Youtube. The video.. not the person 😉 The video is from 80’s, but some animations are really impresive when you think when they were made. Enjoy.