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  • A2000 +TF536 030

    A2000 +TF536 030

    Oto moja nowa Amiga 2000. Zestaw zawiera: Amiga wygląda czysto wewnątrz i na zewnątrz. Bez problemu uruchamia się Workbench 3.0.

  • Amiga 2000 030/25MHz

    Amiga 2000 030/25MHz

    What a beauty. Gives a lot of fun to play with. Equipped with Kick 3.1, runs WHDLoad perfectly! SCSI Oktagon 2008 controller with some small SCSI disc. There’s also Buddha IDE (not on the photos) in this baby. 030 CPU and FPU give this machine needed power. I have this Amiga 2000 for more than […]